The Necessary Safety Precautions To Be Take When Zorbing

Whether it’s a simple roller coaster ride at an amusement park or a ride in a speedboat, every adventurous activity requires a certain amount of safety precautions. This also applies to zorbing, be it on flat land, a hill or on a body of water. Zorbing may be an activity suitable for children as young as 7 years old, all that join in should put certain steps in place before taking part.

The co-owner of the original Zorb company, Andrew Akers, has stated before that no one has ever become nauseous to the point of getting ill during a ride. Whether true or not, it is best not to eat any heavy meals before going zorbing. Anyone with breathing problems or claustrophobia should also take caution, as the confined space inside the zorb can be intimidating, as well as become filled with more carbon monoxide than oxygen. Every ride is preceded by a briefing whereby the guide will give precautionary advice and prepare the riders for what lies ahead. Simple pieces advice includes not wearing jewelry as it could pierce the plastic zorb, but very few steps need to be taken as the experience has a high level of safety.