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A New Spin On Racing – Zorbing Marathons

Conventional races and marathons have been around for centuries as a form of sports, entertainment and fitness competitions. There is nothing like a fun race to put up the ultimate challenge, get the competitive energy flowing and create an atmosphere of fun regardless of the winner. All things considered, it seems only natural that the activity of rolling around while inside a giant inflatable sphere would follow suit.

The concept of a zorbing marathon, or “zorbathon”, was first attempted in July 2016, in London. The event, hosted by the Southbank, took place with the marathon track winding along the side of the riverbank. This was quite unlike the original method of zorbing, which involves rolling down a hill or ramp while inside the orb. It also did not include the option of hydro-zorbing, in which a certain amount of water is placed inside the ball. Instead, the marathon allowed participants to run the flat track for however long they could, with the one who first made not necessarily the winner. The aim was to add up every lap that was completed and display that in the city in competition with other cities who attempted to challenge them in this unique sporting invention.

The event was the first of its kind in the world and was hosted by the section of Bounce Foods UK, Bounce Energy Balls, available free to all who wanted to join. The challenge included London going up against the cities Leeds and Birmingham for the winning title in this zorbathon. Although the event was massively popular in 2016 when it took place, it never seemed to really catch on throughout the rest of the world and turn into a regular event.

One event that could be compared to the Zorbathon is the Zorbing Derby that took place in 2017 in Ireland at the Galway races. For this event, sports stars like Stephen Hunt, Ollie Canning, Paddy Power, and Colm Quinn came together and were the participants as the whole derby was done in the name of sponsoring charities. While the race was done for charity, it was added to the sporting event like any other game and went down well as most zorbing experiences do. Even though it has been more than a year since these two zorbing marathon events, and no big ones have made the rounds since, the industry is still on the rise and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down soon. With endless possibilities in the sporting world, there is always the potential of this experience turning into a new sport, but whether the ball will get rolling in that direction is yet to be seen.

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A Ride On The Wild Side Of The UK

The UK has jumped on the zorbing bandwagon with venues located in both London and South East England. GO Zorbing is a company exclusive to the UK and offers zorbing experiences between 45 minutes to over an hour depending on the chosen option. Both harnesses for two people or hydro zorbing for 1-2 people are available.

The venue is that of a scenic woodland with slides and hill course tracks that provide speed and thrill throughout the experience. GO Zorbing not only offers individual rides but also group events. The individual packages come with the option of either harness zorbing, which runs down a hill at 25mph, or, whereby the orb is filled with roughly 40 liters of water, ideal during the summer time. The group options are aimed at events like birthday parties for children 7 years old and up, family days, team building and stag or hen parties, with the full experience of both types of zorbing. For extra excitement, a Black Hole experience is available inside a dark zorb that retains no light or sound.

With the two locations available, anyone from the nearby vicinity or those just visiting can have the day of a lifetime at this fun-filled zorbing park.

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Exploring Zorbing Destinations In Europe

Exploring Zorbing Destinations in Europe

Since its origins in New Zealand, zorbing has spread not only into Europe but also across the world. This adventure of rolling across a landscape in a sphere-shaped device has become an increasingly popular part of extreme sporting, often spoken of in the same breath as skydiving or bungee jumping. As a result, more and more locations have created zorbing opportunities for people of all ages in Europe.


Of the many places that offer zorbing fun, Germany currently has one of the most fun zorbing parks. Located in Neustadt, Zorbinganlange offers the activity to anyone 14 years old or older. Both downhill zorbing and aqua zorbing (which takes place on water) are available.


As with the location in Germany, the option for zorbing at Golf Sant Antoni Mas – a hotel resort – in Tarragona, Spain, has gained a large amount of attraction for offering this activity. A variety of zorbing experiences are offered which increase the thrill of the activity even more, while the vast landscape of the location provides sublime scenery at the same time.


Zorbcenter is part of the Ragundadalen adventure park that offers several exciting activities. This park, location in Doviken, Sweden, is one of the most popular places for gatherings such as team building, school outings, and parties. It also happens to be the most extreme of all the available activities at Ragundadalen.


This zorbing location is made up of a ramp of 140m on which the activity takes place. Located in Samso, the Samsoe Downhill park is Denmark’s most popular option for the activity and offers both harness zorbing and water zorbing. Anyone from children to adults can take part, either entering the orb as a couple or individually. Because of its being located on a farm, the scenery is the perfect setting for this adventure.

These four examples are only a few of the many well-known zorbing destinations across Europe. As the activity gains attraction, more sites make it available and come up with better location ideas. Not unique to Europe and New Zealand, you can find destinations also located in countries like India, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Guam. Although each adventure park offers similar types of zorbing, each one can create a unique experience with the chosen landscape and types of equipment, which allows those who take part across the world to always enjoy something different. Even within the above mentioned European countries are many other options at which to take part in the fun and go on an adventure. For anyone who loves a thrill, this activity could be one of the most exciting to seek out when on holiday, touring or those who live in the area.

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All About Zorbing

Zorbing is a new trend that has proven itself popular with many young thrill seekers. It can also be known as globe-riding, sphereing or orbing, but the essence of zorbing is that you are placed inside a giant inflatable ball, and are typically then rolled down a hill. The inflatable ball is designed to protect you from any harm, although as with any fringe extreme sports, accidents can happen, and if they ever should, then those involved, will have to be sure to head to this website for their medical needs.

But, for those who are both willing, and ready to risk the danger, zorbing might just be the thrill they are looking for, from an experience that you aren’t likely to find doing any other sports. The most important part of the whole zorbing experience is the disorientation that the ‘rider’ feels as they tumble along. This effect will, of course, be more significant, depending on whether the rider is pushed down a steeper, or shallower, hill. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to get pushed down a hill; perhaps some of the more timid riders would feel more at home, just being pushed along at a much slower pace.

Although it may be difficult to find places for you to try out zorbing yourself, the folks at ZorbSouth will be able to help you out.

The history of zorbing can perhaps be attributed to hamster balls, which have been popular since at least the 1970s, and maybe it was only going to be a matter of time before someone looked at one, and thought to themselves, that the same thing could be designed for humans too. Although human zorbing isn’t done with hard plastic, due to both price and practical constraints, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less enjoyable. You can find these days, that a lot of traditional sports have also been adapted for zorbing too, with some zorbing venues managing to adapt such games as football and bring that into the zorbing world.

Other places around the world have taken on a new approach to zorbing; instead of seeing zorbing as a type of extreme sport, they have developed a form of zorbing that allows the riders some exploration. Zorbing on the ocean is definitely one of the newer trends in the world of zorbing, designed as a more relaxed experience than being rolled down a hill. Zorbing on the water gives the rider much more control over their own speed, in an environment that is typically quite difficult to traverse for humans. Although being on the ocean does present other dangers, so it’s important to find a location that puts the emphasis on rider safety.

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New Zealand: The Home Of Zorbing

Most people will be familiar with the term zorbing as it has become a large part of the extreme adventure industry in recent years. However, not many will know where it originated. Zorbing first came to be during the 90s in New Zealand by a company named ZORB, which is where the name also originated. New Zealand subsequently holds some of the best zorbing locations in the world in all its different variations. The following two locations are easily the most popular in the country, and for good reason.


The original zorbing site, invented by two New Zealand native, is in Ngongotaha, Rotorua. Visitors can enjoy both wet and dry zorbing activities on five different epic tracks at the ZORB adventure site. These consist of the Fast Lane, Zig Zag, the Drop, wet rides and dry rides. The Fast Lane allows riders to race each other, with up to three people allowed per globe. The Zig Zag track is one full of twists, turns and corners for exhilarating fun on your own or with a friend. On the Drop, the zorb literally drops onto a track and is only offered as a single rider experience. Wet rides consist of a partially filled globe with either warm water in colder weather or cool water in the summer, allowing the zorb to slip and slide on the tracks. Lastly, the dry rides consist of a double globe on a hilly landscape.


Also located in Rotorua, OGO offers equally thrilling adventures in the zorbing department. This site has four track types, namely the Straight track, the Sidewinder, the Big Air and the Mega track. The Straight track is a 250m long slope that allows up to three riders at a time per globe. The Sidewinder has a straight slope that leads up to six giant twists and corners. This track also allows up to three people per globe and reaches a whopping 350m, making it the longest track at OGO. The Big Air track is newly developed, with its opening date the 1st of October 2018. The Big Air is made up of drops, corners and turns on a 300m stretch, allowing up to two people per globe. Lastly, the Mega track, which is also 300m long and allows two people per globe, is an aqua zorbing experience. It consists of a high drop and aquatic fun at the same time.

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Walking On Water – The Aqua Zorbing Sport

Since the classic zorbing craze began, several variations and inventions have been developed which incorporate the basic concept of the activity. One of the variations is known as aqua zorbing. The options for this type of zorbing are endless if it involves water. You can do water zorbing, which is done by adding water to the inside of the orb. Another extremely popular method includes floating in the orb on the surface of water. The trend has been taken to pools, oceans, lakes, ponds, theme parks and some malls even insert a pool of water for this purpose.

There are several types of orbs or spheres used for this kind of zorbing experience besides the standard land zorbing one, which is also known as the classic dual layered zorb ball. There is a ball made of a single layer of PVC or TPU, both best suited for aqua zorbing. The third type of orb is a cylinder-shaped device with two layers of plastic, just like the classic zorb. In addition to the normal aqua activity, the zorb can also be pulled by a jet ski or a boat for a heightened adventure experience.

Many people, especially those who don’t like swimming, will appreciate the fact that they can avoid getting wet during the experience as no water is able to enter the orb. It has all the enjoyment of walking on water without any of the wetness. What more could you want from aqua activities?

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Amusing Sports – Playing Soccer In A Zorb Ball

When you hear the term “zorb football/soccer”, you might picture a group of people running around and kicking or pushing a giant orb around with someone inside it. While that would be a hilarious sight, it is surprisingly not what this term means. Instead, it is an entertaining game where the players’ upper bodies are dressed in a zorb suit (think Bubble Boy) while they run around after a soccer ball.

The game is more casual than a serious sport, allowing the players to collide and bounce against each other while attempting to steal the ball. It is not only heaps of fun, but also hilarious to watch or participate in. Zorb soccer does not require professional soccer abilities, only a zest for fun and a group of friends. This is a favorite for events like birthday parties, team building functions, outings with friends or a family gathering. What makes this activity more exciting is that it does not require a zorb park or company providing a service for you to join in on the fun. Anyone can purchase zorb balls for private use whether at home, on a sporting field, at a party or function venues.

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Staying Aware Of The Safety Risks Of Zorbing

After several questionable incidents have occurred during zorbing rides, the safety risks have become better known across the world. Regulations have been put in place that analyzes the potential risks and warns those who are considering the extreme sport should anything occur. Safety bodies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in the US have especially warned against the possibility of both suffocations inside the zorb or drowning when participating in aqua zorbing, which is done with the zorb floating on water with the rider inside.

Although many risks are posed when zorbing, the creators of the extreme sport, Dwayne van der Sluis and Andrew Akers of ZORB Limited have made it publicly clear that this could be heightened by the amount of zorb-style activities which are not affiliated with their brand. The Zorb Limited company is not immune to its own amount of risks, but the altering of rules, materials used and landscapes on which zorbing takes place could all contribute to the adding of risks to the safety reputation of the activity.

The various risks, especially for those who have existing medical conditions, have been advertised on various occasions, such as an announcement by the Queensland Health and Safety group in 2010. There may be a danger to any users of this product, but those with heart, lung or respiratory problems could be at an even higher risk. This is since it can easily occur that the oxygen levels within the zorb deplete during the ride, while the carbon dioxide levels increase as a result. It is the responsibility of every zorbing company to keep users informed of the danger potential that comes with the activity. Zorbing might be a fun-focused adventure, but safety in any extreme sport should always come first.

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The Necessary Safety Precautions To Be Take When Zorbing

Whether it’s a simple roller coaster ride at an amusement park or a ride in a speedboat, every adventurous activity requires a certain amount of safety precautions. This also applies to zorbing, be it on flat land, a hill or on a body of water. Zorbing may be an activity suitable for children as young as 7 years old, all that join in should put certain steps in place before taking part.

The co-owner of the original Zorb company, Andrew Akers, has stated before that no one has ever become nauseous to the point of getting ill during a ride. Whether true or not, it is best not to eat any heavy meals before going zorbing. Anyone with breathing problems or claustrophobia should also take caution, as the confined space inside the zorb can be intimidating, as well as become filled with more carbon monoxide than oxygen. Every ride is preceded by a briefing whereby the guide will give precautionary advice and prepare the riders for what lies ahead. Simple pieces advice includes not wearing jewelry as it could pierce the plastic zorb, but very few steps need to be taken as the experience has a high level of safety.

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Zorbing As A South African Adventure

With the extreme thrill and excitement that comes along with zorbing, it is no surprise that is has spread not only to Europe, USA, and Asia but also to sunny South Africa. The hilly landscapes and views make this a perfect addition to the countries many extreme adventures and suits the exhilarating atmosphere found in this destination. Most tourists are attracted by other wild sports, such as zip lining, bungee jumping, and skydiving, but now there is a new attraction to excite visitors. The Western Cape has adopted this activity to a large extent, with five various locations within the province under the official Zorb franchise.

Zorb Cape Town offers their activities on beaches, in private gardens, in Melkbos, on wine farms and the McPherson venue. The zorbing on beaches takes place on a variety of seaside locations across the West Coast. Wine farms such as those in the Paarl area host zorbing activities and functions, while the McPherson venue hosts ice hockey zorbing adventures in an indoor skating rink. This unique form of fun has no trouble fitting in with the type of ventures found throughout the Western Cape.

Although the head office and equipment are based in Bellville, Cape Town, the fun can be taken anywhere at any time at the client’s convenience. This means that, beyond the above-mentioned locations, Zorb Cape Town also offers their services for private functions such as parties, festivals, sports days and fun days at schools, weddings and other occasions involving a large group of people. This adventure makes for the perfect addition to any event, being available to children and adults alike. The service provided by this zorbing company comes with the inflatable orbs that can either be rolled down hills or on inflatable ramps and slides that extend for 5m.

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