Ways to Experience Zorbing

Have you tried zorbing? If not, you should give this sport a try. Zorbing, which goes by many names, orbing, globe-riding, or sphereing, has increased in popularity over the past few years. All that is needed for the sport is an inflatable hollow ball (a zorb) on a slope or level surface. These events often take place on ramps and, at times, on water surfaces. That said, this write-up shares some popular ways to experience this adventurous sport.

Water Zorbing

Water zorbing, also known as hydro zorbing, is one of the most common ways of enjoying zorbing. You get to enjoy all the zorbing activities you would normally do, but do it on water. Water zorbing has an increased bouncing effect, but it requires more effort to cruise around the water. It looks so amazing, almost as if you are walking on water.

Zorbing Workouts

Another way to enjoy zorbing is using the ball as an exercise tool. You can get all your cardio workout needs by bouncing and rolling around in a zorbing ball. The fun aspect of the sport can be great motivation for you to exercise more regularly. The health and physical benefits of exercising are vast and worth the effort.

Bubble Sports

Bubble soccer is an exciting sport that is infused with zorbing. All players must wear the large zorbing balls on their upper bodies, making it safe for them to bump into each other. Another bubble sport that allows you to play alone is bubble bowling. Playing is as simple as rolling in a zorbing ball to strike pins. The variety of zorbing sports that can you can enjoy is unlimited.

Snow Zorbing

Snow zorbing offers a different experience from land and water zorbing, though the concept remains the same. However, it is relatively more dangerous and requires more safety measures.