Relaxing After Zorbing

If you have never tried zorbing, perhaps now is the time to give it a go. Zorbing is becoming more and more prevalent and is especially popular in America. Whether you prefer land-based or water-based zorbing, the choice is yours. What can compare with rolling down hills in a plastic sphere travelling at speed and defying gravity itself? A more sedate form of this pastime is gently splashing around in a pool or lake within a waterproof sphere. More and more theme parks offer zorbing as a fun activity suitable for children and adults alike.

Combining a great form of exercise with unrivalled fun and thrills zorbing could be the ideal hobby for you. After a hard day of traversing waterways and rolling down hills, you will need time to relax and recover from your exploits. Most people like to unwind watching TV or screening their favourite films or television series. This is where Royal Design can help with its extensive range of TV and media furniture.

Why Consider Royal Design?

As one of the largest online retailers in the world, they can offer everything from stylish table and kitchenware, rugs and textiles to elegant, functional TV stands. When choosing your media sideboard, Royal Design provides a choice of 235 products crafted by some of the best design-houses in Scandinavia and Europe. Their selection includes elegant offerings from:

  • Maze
  • Department
  • Decotique
  • A2
  • Mavis
  • Zweed
  • Woud

What’s more, 12 different colours are available to match in with the decor of any home setting, including:

  • Ash
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Red
  • White
  • Natural

This company also offers a choice of 14 different materials from brass, metal, and oak through to marble, leather and laminate. So after your efforts at zorbing, you can relax in front of your TV with the added bonus of stylish media furniture from Royal Design. As well as unwinding in your own home, you can also appreciate the smart TV and media furniture of your choice. In no time at all, you will be ready for your next exciting adventure on land or water. This furniture is manufactured from high-quality materials and would complement the interior of even the most discerning homeowner. All in all, this offers the perfect setting to undertake your viewing experiences.


Zorbing is capturing people’s imagination from all walks of life and is now so readily available that you really have no excuse for not trying this thrilling experience. There are zorbing holidays, training facilities, courses and waterways now available in most countries throughout the world. However, set aside some time for winding down and reflecting on your experiences. Why not make a video recording of your exploits that you can watch with family and friends? However, remember to enhance your viewing experiences with the addition of some unique designer TV and media furniture. Check out Royal Design now!