Amusing Sports – Playing Soccer In A Zorb Ball

When you hear the term “zorb football/soccer”, you might picture a group of people running around and kicking or pushing a giant orb around with someone inside it. While that would be a hilarious sight, it is surprisingly not what this term means. Instead, it is an entertaining game where the players’ upper bodies are dressed in a zorb suit (think Bubble Boy) while they run around after a soccer ball.

The game is more casual than a serious sport, allowing the players to collide and bounce against each other while attempting to steal the ball. It is not only heaps of fun, but also hilarious to watch or participate in. Zorb soccer does not require professional soccer abilities, only a zest for fun and a group of friends. This is a favorite for events like birthday parties, team building functions, outings with friends or a family gathering. What makes this activity more exciting is that it does not require a zorb park or company providing a service for you to join in on the fun. Anyone can purchase zorb balls for private use whether at home, on a sporting field, at a party or function venues.