Exploring Zorbing Destinations In Europe

Exploring Zorbing Destinations in Europe

Since its origins in New Zealand, zorbing has spread not only into Europe but also across the world. This adventure of rolling across a landscape in a sphere-shaped device has become an increasingly popular part of extreme sporting, often spoken of in the same breath as skydiving or bungee jumping. As a result, more and more locations have created zorbing opportunities for people of all ages in Europe.


Of the many places that offer zorbing fun, Germany currently has one of the most fun zorbing parks. Located in Neustadt, Zorbinganlange offers the activity to anyone 14 years old or older. Both downhill zorbing and aqua zorbing (which takes place on water) are available.


As with the location in Germany, the option for zorbing at Golf Sant Antoni Mas – a hotel resort – in Tarragona, Spain, has gained a large amount of attraction for offering this activity. A variety of zorbing experiences are offered which increase the thrill of the activity even more, while the vast landscape of the location provides sublime scenery at the same time.


Zorbcenter is part of the Ragundadalen adventure park that offers several exciting activities. This park, location in Doviken, Sweden, is one of the most popular places for gatherings such as team building, school outings, and parties. It also happens to be the most extreme of all the available activities at Ragundadalen.


This zorbing location is made up of a ramp of 140m on which the activity takes place. Located in Samso, the Samsoe Downhill park is Denmark’s most popular option for the activity and offers both harness zorbing and water zorbing. Anyone from children to adults can take part, either entering the orb as a couple or individually. Because of its being located on a farm, the scenery is the perfect setting for this adventure.

These four examples are only a few of the many well-known zorbing destinations across Europe. As the activity gains attraction, more sites make it available and come up with better location ideas. Not unique to Europe and New Zealand, you can find destinations also located in countries like India, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Guam. Although each adventure park offers similar types of zorbing, each one can create a unique experience with the chosen landscape and types of equipment, which allows those who take part across the world to always enjoy something different. Even within the above mentioned European countries are many other options at which to take part in the fun and go on an adventure. For anyone who loves a thrill, this activity could be one of the most exciting to seek out when on holiday, touring or those who live in the area.